Who We Are

Home of Rosuki Hair

Welcome to the home of Rosuki Hair where all your hair desires are fulfilled. If you are anything like me and you like to switch up you looks from time to time, or you are just someone looking for a classic durable unit to wear everyday, don’t worry your pretty head about it Sis, I GATCHU.

At Rosuki hair we give you luxury with a touch of perfection. All units are hand made and crafted with soul.


Rosuki hair is GLUELESS!

All our units are glueless, which means you do not need any glue to secure the wig. All our wigs are ready to wear right out of the box. Each unit comes with a couple of mini combs inside the wig, and an adjustable elastic band that you can adjust to your desired fit. So you do not need an install. All you have to do is wear it and comb to your desired style.

Why Rosuki Hair?

100% Luxurious Raw & Virgin hair units

All our units are made with 100% raw and virgin hair, giving you that outmost quality, longevity and versatility. You can bleach our hair from natural black hair to 613 blonde without losing its quality.

Why Rosuki Hair?

Rosuki hair units are protective hair styles.

Rosuki hair protects your natural hair from the damages caused by hot tools ( flat iron, curling wand, hot comb, etc) and also protects your hair from chemical damages. Over time you can cause damages to your natural hair when you constantly use hot tools on your natural hair. You can also cause damages to your natural hair when you constantly bleach and die your natural hair. You don’t have to put your natural hair through all that stress, just get a ROSUKI wig that fits your desired look.


ROSUKI hair saves you money.

People like to think that luxury hair is too expensive, but when you look at it in the grand scale of things, luxury hair saves you money in the long run. synthetic or cheap human hair do not last, and you are very limited with what you can do with those kind of hair, you cannot revamp them so you have to throw them out and keep replacing them. When you think of salon cost and the cost of replacing those weaves, you will quickly realize that you are spending more money. Save some money and buy a couple of Rosuki units that will last you for years ( it really depends on how you take care of the unit) and it gives you the versatility that you need in terms of styles and longevity.

  • helps grow you natural hair

    Rosuki hair is 100% raw and virgin hair, the versatility is endless, so you can do multiple styles with one unit while nourishing and growing your natural hair underneath the wig.

  • Rosuki hair saves time.

    If you are a mother like me, or you are a professional in the work force, or you are just a busy person that do not have the luxury of time to spend on one giving thing, then Rosuki hair is the answer. With Rosuki hair, you can look like you just came Fresh out of the salon in less than one minute.